My 5 things to share with you all

2 03 2007

It is not that hard to think about 5 things to share with you all but the hard part is what things can I share with you, so here we go.

1. When I was around 5 or 6 years old I remember finding out that Santa (San Nicolas) did not exist, it happens that one christmas I was looking forward to meet Santa so I pretended to be sleep while I was waiting for Santa to show up and all the sudden my uncle appeared next to the tree placing the presents around the tree. It was so upsetting that next day I went and told every one of my friends that was all a lie.

2. When I reached the 18 years old I was finally ready to reach my dream of becoming a pilot so I went to join the Honduran Air Force and to my surprise they did not wanted me to volunteer in the grounds of being too short for the air force requirements.

3. I was a show off kid when I was little and got me many time into trouble for instance one day one of my friends said I bid non here have balls to go and tease that bull that was quietly eating on the field, following the statement there was me running towards the bull and pulled his tail to my surprise the bull ran so fast that was catching me up and I had to dive through a spiky wire (alambre the puas) leaving me with some good scratches and a lesson to not mess with bulls.

4. Since I was a kid I wanted to go overseas and despite coming from a not so flash background I mean in $$ and wealth I manage to go and see a little bit of the world and now live in beautiful New Zealand, not because I was lucky but because I took every opportunity I had.

5. I like singing and specially playing to make people laugh and enjoy themselves and dream sometime of playing a band that plays well and different. I enjoy getting up in the morning with some nice music, it is in my family with three generations of musicians. Now I have my favorite fan my beautiful daughter that enjoys me playing the guitar for her.




One response

3 03 2007
La Gringa

We have something in common. When I was little, some boys dared me to tease a bull. I did it but I made sure that I was very close to the fence — and it wasn’t barbed wire! Those bulls do get mad, don’t they?

Thank you for sharing!

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