March against corruption or Freak show?

26 02 2007

I was browsing the HondurasThisWeek online newspaper when I came across an article with the title ‘Anti-corruption march a success but not entirely un-corrupt’. In the article was stated that a ‘Great Anti-corruption March took place in boulevard Suyapa a week a go and that apeared to be a great success’ but it turns out that was more of a freak show rather than a anti-corruption march. They ‘dressed-up’ domestic animals to attract attention and according to the article activists were paid to attend by the Liberal political party. In my opinion this apears to be just another one of those distractions that politicians used to distract people from the real problems; the article actually stated that ‘However, despite the fact that the march was supposed to have no political interests involved, it has emerged that the Liberal Party breached this by spending thousands of lempiras to pay activists to attend. Furthermore ‘The National Council of Anticorruption (CNA) has demanded that the Liberal Party explains these actions, which are ironically being described as being inherently ‘corrupt’.

Instead of spending thousands of lempiras on ‘mordidas'(bribes) they could it use it to invest in things that the population needs for instance education, primary health care to name a few but of course they rather invest the money on things that will benefit their agendas.





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