No other place like home!

24 02 2007

Hello there my name is Luis Cruz I’m a honduran currently living in New Zealand in the beautiful city of wellington where I live and study, I’m starting this new blog as a way of expressing ideas about honduras and travel, I’m also would like to blog about inequality and corruption in the world using Honduras as my point of departure and maybe i can put the pieces of the puzzle together on what is really going on in Honduras in the big picture. I’m interested on issues of poverty and the role of overseas people on helping hondurans to get out of poverty.

Now getting back to the title of this post I was thinking today of what things make me homesick every once and a while and there are actually various things starting with language, dispite me been able to communicate in english without any problems I still miss the beautifull and musical sounds of my native spanish language and the good sense of humour that comes with growing up in Honduras. The other thing a really really miss is the food, some of you may think that is because i’m a guy but really it is more than just the flavours and the amounts of course; food in Honduras is for some a time to socialise and share thoughts with friends and family, but for others no so much a time to indulge but survive while living day by day in a country where poverty is what many experience. But for me good Honduran food is like a door that leads me to those memories that i considere special, moments shared with family and friends that are priceless. and finally i miss the nice weather, no ofence to the Kiwis but I prefer sunny weather most days, it reminds me of how much time i used to spent in the outdoors.

Even though i have adjusted to the Kiwi lifestyle and weather and enjoy living in this beautiful nation that has great things that i wish I could transfer to Honduras. I still every once and a while get homesick specially in christmas time. before concluding this post i would like to share couple of my first experiences in New Zealand that were quite different for instance when Kiwis say be there at 7pm they actually mean be there ten to 7pm but of course for me as a good honduran it means leave your house at 7pm, but of course there are some similarities too for instance when you go to the toilet in New Zealand it has two flushing options on the left is half flush and next to it is full flush, it make perfect sense like in Honduras small bucket or big bucket for flushing the toilet.




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26 02 2007
La Gringa

Ha ha! (o jeje!) That last sentence really gave me a laugh!

Welcome to the world of blogging, Luis, and I hope you have as much fun as I do. I’m really looking forward to reading more of your blog in the future. There is no shortage of topics on Honduran inequality and corruption, is there? It really gets me down. I strongly believe that corruption is the root of ALL of Honduras’ problems.

Best of luck on your new blog!

27 02 2007
Luis Cruz

Thanks it was a joke that came out of a conversation with my wife while having tea and we were talking about funny differences and similarities withing the Honduran and the Kiwi (New Zealand) culture.

Thanks also for the welcoming to the blogging world and I’m already having heaps of fun and my wife and I enjoy reading your blog.

Luis Cruz (catracho)

1 04 2007
NEWYORKSNET.INFO » No other place like home!

[…] No other place like home! No other place like home! 24 02 2007 Hello there my name is Luis Cruz Im a honduran currently living in New Zealand in the beautiful city of… […]

26 08 2007
Gloria Slaughter

Dear Luis,

What part of Honduras are you from? We recently visited San Pedro Sula.

31 08 2007

Hello Gloria I’m from Danli two hours away from tegus towards the nicaragua border, but I live a long time in Tegucigalpa as well.

1 09 2007

Hola Luis. Not familiar with it. In a previous trip I also had the opportunity to visit Victoria. Do you know of it?

We got used to eating plantains, rice, beans, corn and flour tortillas. Not crazy about the coffee but loved all the other stuff.

I came across your page when looking up things about Honduras and found it interesting. New Zealand sounds great. Do you get to visit family in Honduras?

7 10 2007
Gloria Slaughter

Dear Luis,

The video was great!! Did not hear from you on my question regarding a place called Victoria, Yoro in Honduras so you may not have seeing my posting.

10 10 2007

Gloria this is Luis I want to apologise for not responding to your question about the place in honduras called victoria, the truth is that i know little about Yoro I think a only now a progreso. and about if i visit my family yes and no yes we have been to honduras with my esposa Sharon and would love to go again in the next couple of years if possible, i miss the food and the nice warm weather and also not been able to speak spanish at all here only with my two year old daughter that i’m trying to teach spanish but i feel is me only against everyone because i only speak spanish to her and everybody else here kiwi english which is great but i want her to speak spanish like me. Thanks for your questions and i’m glad you find the blog interesting and hopefully i can post something else here.
hasta luego Gloria

24 10 2007
Gloria Slaughter

Thanks for reply. I have a funny story to share with you. I was born and raised in Honduras and came to my current location at a young age. I’m very happy and love to visit my family in Honduras. Shortly after my last trip to Honduras I woke up one morning and started thinking about my father, who I have not seen since I was about 3 years old. Anyway, his name also happens to be “Luis Cruz” and so when I googled that name your site came up. Actually, his full name is Luis Eliazar Cruz. Anyway, I read the 5 things you shared and your page and it was AMAZING how the things you share about your life are almost exactly like his life. Although I never saw him again there are many things I think as an adult I would admire about his life. So, that is how I stumbled on your site!!

28 11 2007
Gloria Slaughter

Hi. Not sure if you got the previous email I posted…

9 12 2008

Hi Gloria, i’m sorry but i can’t seem to find your email but yes i would like to know what is about and thanks for visiting the blog.

21 05 2013

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26 02 2015

Hi Luis. I hope this email finds you well. It’s been some years but for some reason I started thinking about the email exchange earlier about our home country Honduras. I think the only thing I thought was interesting that you have the same name as my father. Luis Eliazar Cruz.

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